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In-Person Support

Did you Know we have In-Person Support Centers Across the State?

In person help is available for drivers in Hawaii on every island.  We’re a kama’aina company and our centers are a great way to meet with drivers. You can meet with support team members who can answer questions in person, help set up accounts, distribute PPE kits, and evaluate your vehicle in person. Check out …

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Who is holoholo

Who is holoholo?

holoholo is the only locally owned rideshare company in Hawaii. It was created to simplify and improve the lives of everyone traveling. Our platform offers a marketplace of community drivers and this is where passengers can request a ride in minutes from their smartphone. Passengers can also see the fixed cost and have it charged …

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COVID-19 Safety

Covid-19 Safety Measures are Top of the Mind with holoholo

Coronavirus (COVID-19) remains a concern for the health and safety of our drivers and passengers alike. With COVID-19 or any evolving health crisis, holoholo works closely with public health authorities to provide up-to-date guidelines and guidance on how to better protect yourself and others while sharing a ride. We encourage the following safety tips for …

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Dealing with Passengers

How to Deal with Passengers

One of the greatest things about driving with holoholo drivers is meeting people from all over the world. All kinds of passengers from different backgrounds use holoholo, and mostly provide wonderful experiences for drivers. However, unfortunately negative interactions do happen, and we want to prepare our drivers with the best ways to navigate those situations. …

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Safe Driving Tips

holoholo’s Safe Driving Tips

Safe driving includes both driving safely on the road and following traffic laws as well as proper car maintenance. To become a holoholo driver, we want you to become familiar with: Our Defensive Driving pointers Take care of your vehicle Follow the rules of the road Read and agree to our Operating Safety Guidelines Defensive …

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Your First Ride with holoholo

Your First Ride with holoholo

Once you’ve been approved, you can start driving right away. If you want to see what the holoholo Driver app will look like during a ride, here’s a breakdown of what it’s like: Basic Pickups and Drop Offs To start earning money with holoholo, toggle the switch in the right hand corner from “Offline” to …

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