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Become a rideshare driver in Honolulu, HI for holoholo Assist

Aloha! Holoholo is on the lookout for friendly and reliable folks to join our holoholo Assist team on Oahu. As an Assist driver, you’ll be providing transportation for the City of Honolulu’s HandiVan program. You’ll be helping our local ohana who need non-emergency medical rides and trips to other destinations. Use your own vehicle, get paid to drive in Honolulu, and make a difference for our kama’aina who can’t use public transportation. Join us and help our community get where they need to go. Mahalo!

Driver Ambassador Program

Sign up to drive in Honolulu

Work an 8 hour shift and you get paid $200/day guaranteed regardless of number of trips assigned. 

You’ll know where you’re going the day before and how many trips you’ve been assigned during your shift.

As a holoholo Assist driver, you can sign-up to drive for 1 day per week or drive every day! We have 3 shifts available 5 days per week.

Decide where you want to drive with 3 zones available: Leeward areas, Windward areas, or Metro area.


Some of us our early risers; some of us are not. Choose when you want to drive with 3 start times available.  All shifts are over by 4:30 PM so you have your evenings to yourself. 

Whether you drive one day per week, or 5 days per week, with holoholo Assist you are guaranteed $200/day with the flexibility to choose your schedule and where you want to drive.  Get started by filling out the form. 

Looking for driver opportunities in Honolulu?

Join holoholo, Hawaii’s only locally owned and operated rideshare service. Drive with holoholo and be part of a community-focused team providing pre-arranged transfers across Oahu and other islands.

Driving with holoholo offers flexible earning opportunities, making it an excellent alternative to traditional full-time or part-time driving jobs. Whether you’re looking for a side gig or a primary income source, holoholo provides a flexible schedule to fit your lifestyle.

To become a holoholo driver in Honolulu, you need to meet a few requirements: be 21 years or older, have at least three years of driving experience, pass a background check, and vehicle inspection. Required documents include a valid driver’s license, proof of residency, vehicle registration and insurance, as well as a State of Hawaii vehicle inspection sticker.  The sign-up process involves submitting documents and a photo, providing background check information, and ensuring your vehicle meets our standards.

At holoholo, our mission is to provide a reliable, community-focused rideshare service that benefits both our drivers and passengers. 

As a holoholo driver, you’ll enjoy the independence of setting your own schedule and the satisfaction of helping our kama’aina get where they need to go. We welcome drivers from various backgrounds, including those with professional driving experience such as bus, truck, taxi, limo, and other commercial driving industries.

Join holoholo today and start driving with a service that truly understands and serves the unique needs of Hawaii. Sign up now and make a positive impact on your community while earning flexible income.

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