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holoholo Assist

holoholo is looking for friendly, reliable individuals to drive for our holoholo Assist service on Oahu.  holoholo Assist provides transportation for the City of Honolulu’s HandiVan program. As an Assist driver, you’ll be helping our local community members who qualify to receive non-emergency medical transportation and rides to other destinations.  This service is designed to help those who cannot take public transportation. 

Work an 8 hour shift and you get paid $200/day guaranteed regardless of number of trips assigned. 

You’ll know where you’re going the day before and how many trips you’ve been assigned during your shift.

As a holoholo Assist driver, you can sign-up to drive for 1 day per week or drive every day! We have 3 shifts available 5 days per week.

Decide where you want to drive with 3 zones available: Leeward areas, Windward areas, or Metro area.


Some of us our early risers; some of us are not. Choose when you want to drive with 3 start times available.  All shifts are over by 4:30 PM so you have your evenings to yourself. 

Whether you drive one day per week, or 5 days per week, with holoholo Assist you are guaranteed $200/day with the flexibility to choose your schedule and where you want to drive.  Get started by filling out the form. 

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