Protecting Drivers from

Cancellations and No-Show Revenue Loss

Your Time is Important

Cancelled While You’re En Route

At holoholo, we know how important your time is on the road and how frustrating it can be when you are almost there to pick up your passenger and they cancel. We want to make sure you’re fairly compensated for these types of cancellations and that’s why we charge the rider 50% of their requested fare if you have started you trip and are heading to your rider and they cancel. You receive the full 50% less $5.00 for amounts over $20.00 and less $2.75 for amounts less than $20.00.


When the passenger is not at the pickup location(except airport – see below), we recommend waiting one minute before giving them a call. If they do not answer your calls, and the timer has reached zero, and you’ve given them five (5) minutes, then you may mark them as a no-show. As with cancellations, we want to ensure you are fairly compensated for your time. Riders will be charged the estimated fare amount and you will receive 50% less $5.00 for amounts over $20.00 and less $2.75 for amounts less than $20.00.

Airport Pickups

Airport pickups are more complicated than other pickups because of the nature of the unknown time it takes a traveller to make their way off the plane, get to baggage claim, claim their bags and make their way through the Covid lines. Airport pickups are not included in our no-show and cancelation policy. If a passenger takes longer, it is generally not their fault. Guests will NOT be charged for a cancelation or no-show at the airport unless our driver is there and they change their mind and decide to use another provider. If a driver can’t wait for a pickup, they must release the ride — not cancel the ride so the ride can be placed in the pool for a new driver provider to accept.

While holoholo dispatchers adjust arrival times as delays occur, drivers are encouraged to track their passengers flights to know if the fight is early, late or on-time. As a general rule of thumb, our dispatch adds 30 minutes to the arrival time to estimate the time the guest will be ready to go. Our system sends a text to our guests when they arrive at the airport. The text gives them instructions on where to find us and a link to push when they have their bags and are ready to go. Guests will see whether there has been a driver assigned and who it is. Despite all the automated assurances, don’t assume all guests use the technology. Make contact soon after their arrival so your guest knows they have a driver for their ride.

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