Driver Benefits

Your earnings go beyond driving for holoholo. Through our partnerships we are offering discounts for fuel and more. We’ll continue to add benefits and perks for holoholo drivers because we care about you and your success.

holoholo puts our drivers and their compensation front and center. We hope to attract more drivers to our platform than anywhere else, and we believe more happy drivers mean happier riders. Learn more about all our ridershare driver benefits.

Ambassador Program

As part of our Driver Ambassador Program, holoholo drivers help amplify our reach and brand awareness of our services by serving as advocates and representatives of our business.

In return for this commitment, holoholo Ambassadors are rewarded with exclusive benefits to drivers who meet weekly trip goals and successfully refer new drivers to the platform.

All holoholo drivers have the opportunity to earn a substantial income while serving the local community, including a $100 bonus for drivers who complete 15 trips per week, as well as a $150 bonus for drivers who complete 28 trips per week.

In addition to these weekly trip completion bonuses, holoholo also offers a referral bonus program for existing drivers who successfully refer new drivers to the platform. Existing drivers receive a $100 bonus for each referral, which is paid out after the referred driver is active for 90 days. Furthermore, if the referred driver successfully completes 15 trips per week, an additional $100 bonus will be paid out to both the referring driver and the newly recruited driver.

Driver Earnings

How much do rideshare drivers make in Hawaii? The amount of money you make depends on you. At holoholo, drivers put together their own schedules and determine where, when, and how often they want to drive on Hawaii. We offer drivers a percentage of a base fee and mileage charge as well as any ‘no show’ and ‘cancellation’ fees. Actual rideshare rates vary by island.

holoholo has a transparent pricing system to riders, and that means the price we quote is the price they pay. What does this mean for how much money drivers make? Transparent fares create predictable earnings, which makes it easier for drivers to budget their time and money.

holoholo also has a Cancellation Policy that fairly compensates you for your time when cancellations and no-shows occur.

Driver Fuel Discounts

Partnering with our community is what we are all about and we are pleased to offer the following fuel discount program to holoholo drivers. The program provides fuel access on Maui in Kahului, and on the island of Hawaii in Hilo, Kona, and Kawaihae.

Auto Dash Cams

holoholo recommends drivers use dashboard cams when driving with holoholo. This is for your safety and security. Car dashboard cameras for rideshare service typically include features such as night vision, front and inside facing lenses, and memory card slots. Dashboard cams are available at Walmart and retailers throughout Hawaii.

Your insurance company may also provide better rates when dashboard cameras are installed in your holoholo vehicle. Check with your insurance company about lowering premiums.

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