Driver Conduct and Expectations

Driver Best Practices for Safety

All holoholo drivers must read our best practices for safety memorandum to be successfully certified before their app is activated. 

Operating Safety Guidelines

  1. Always follow all federal, state, county, and local laws, ordinances, and regulations. 
  2. Do not drive if you are not feeling well or fatigued, under the influence of a narcotic or alcohol. 
  3. Follow all posted speed signs. Do not exceed any speed limit on the route to be traveled even if your rider asks you to hurry or speed up. 
  4. Make sure you safely pull up to the pick up location to welcome your rider on board and verify that any rider cargo is securely stored prior to beginning the trip. 
  5. Drivers who are required to wear corrective lenses or hearing aids to meet the minimum physical requirements must have them on while driving and have a spare power source available for hearing aids. 
  6. Exercise extreme caution when hazardous conditions impact visibility or traction and if determined unsafe you should stop the vehicle if conditions become too hazardous. 
  7. Turn signals should be on for at least 100 feet in advance of a turn or lane change and while actually making such movements. Turn signals should always be used to indicate the direction of travel while leaving a parking position and while entering a stream of traffic. 
  8. Wearing of seat belts is mandatory for holoholo drivers and is highly recommended for riders. 
  9. While on a steep incline or similar situation while driving a slow moving vehicle you may turn on your vehicle hazard warning signal flashers to warn other drivers of the presence of a potential traffic hazard. 
  10. Your vehicle may be left unattended once the parking brake has been securely set. You should never leave your vehicle standing or parked on the traveled portion of a highway, if it can be avoided. If a vehicle must be stopped on the highway or shoulder for an emergency, you should immediately activate the hazard warning flashers devices within ten minutes of stopping.
  11. Drivers must notify holoholo if their license and or insurance is revoked, suspended or withdrawn. 
  12. No unauthorized riders are allowed.

Pre-trip Inspection

We promote a safe operating environment which means as a holoholo driver you should always inspect your automobile prior to activating your app for accepting rides. The inspection covers at a minimum the following parts and accessories. Check your brakes, including your parking (hand) brake, steering mechanism, lighting devices, tires, horn, windshield wipers, rear vision mirrors, wheels and rims.

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