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Driving with holoholo Resources

Requirements and Application

Signing up to become a driver with holoholo is simple, as long as you have information about yourself and your vehicle ready to go. You can start your application online or through the driver app.

You’ll need:

  • Driver’s License (you need, at least, three years of driving experience)
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Personal Vehicle Insurance
  • Hawaii Vehicle Inspection Sticker (for driving in Honolulu)
  • Driving Quiz (for driving in Honolulu)

holoholo runs a background check and driving record check as part of the signup process.

When applying, first create a holoholo account through the app or the web. Enter your name, phone number, email address, and submit all information and documents required.

Make sure your driver picture is clear and visible so you are easily identifiable.

Tips for Profile Photos

  • Make sure your face is centered.
  • Make sure there is good lighting and the photo is not blurry.
  • No hats, sunglasses, or face coverings (prescription glasses or religious garments are acceptable).
  • Only one person appears in the photo.

Keep in mind that background checks may take several weeks to process. Additionally, new applicants are automatically added to a waitlist. This helps ensure an optimum balance of drivers and passengers throughout Hawaii. With these factors in mind, it is difficult to say how long the approval process will take, but you can check your application and background status anytime online.

A notification will also be sent as soon as an opening becomes available. Mahalo!

Downloading the holoholo Driver App is easy.


To access the holoholo Driver App, you can use an iPhone that runs iOS 8 or higher, and it can be downloaded by tapping the link below. You can also find the app in the Apple App Store. Simply search for “holoholo driver” in the search bar, select the app, and download to your iOS device.


The holoholo Driver app can be downloaded to any Android device. Tap the link below to begin. You can also find the app by searching “holoholo driver” in the Google Play store.

If you are having issues downloading the holoholo app, try to connect to a WiFi network. If you’re still having technical issues, please contact us for assistance. holoholo is happy to help.

Data Use

As a driver with us, you are unlikely to exceed more than 3 GB of data per month when using the holoholo Driver App. However, we do recommend using an unlimited data plan with your mobile provider.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a holoholo driver.

Basic Driver Requirements

  • Valid Hawaii driver’s license for driving in Honolulu.
  • Any valid driver’s license including temporary or out-of-state licenses are acceptable in all other cities.
  • 21 or older with, at least, three years of driving experience.
  • Pass a driver screening, which includes a review of your driving history and a criminal background check.
  • Any smartphone that can run the holoholo Driver app.

Driving History Review

Perspective holoholo drivers must undergo a driving record check, and your application may be disqualified for any of the following infractions:

  • More than three moving violations over the past three years (includes accidents or traffic violations)
  • A single major moving violation over the past three years (can include incidents like driving on a suspended license or reckless driving)
  • A DUI or other drug-related driving violation
  • A serious driving-related conviction (includes hit-and-runs or felonies involving a vehicle)

If a DMV check does reveal disqualifying information, you will receive a copy of the report.

Driver Background Checks

Safety of both our passengers and drivers is one of our top concerns at holoholo. With this in mind, holoholo is dedicated to conducting thorough background checks with the driver’s consent. Drivers must provide a valid social security number for this reason. The background check utilizes both national and county databases as well as court records, the United States Department of Justice Sex Offender Registry, and the Federal Criminal Records database to search for convictions throughout one’s lifetime.

The results are compared to both local Hawaiian regulations for drivers and holoholo’s own internal safety standards. You may be ineligible to drive for holoholo if your background results include (but are not limited to):

  • Listed on the National Sex Offender Registry database
  • Sexual offenses
  • Felony convictions
  • Convicted of violent crimes and/or acts of terror
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Convicted of a disqualifying drug-related offense in the past seven
  • Outstanding charges that haven’t yet been resolved in your favor

Additionally, holoholo reserves the right to disqualify a driver at any time, should their background check reveal any disqualifying offenses or for any other safety-related reason.

If a background check does reveal potentially disqualifying offenses, you will receive a copy of the report.

holoholo has the highest safety standards for all vehicles on our platform. All vehicles must meet the following requirements:

  • Eight years old or newer
  • Four doors, and be able to transport a at least three passengers
  • No taxis, stretch limousines, or certain subcompact vehicles
  • No trucks 
  • Title cannot be salvaged, non-repairable, reconstructed, or rebuilt
  • Vehicles cannot have any cosmetic damage, missing parts, commercial branding, or taxi/neon paint jobs (yellow, orange, bright green, etc.)

Subcompact vehicles

In order to provide the most comfortable experience for passengers, we cannot accept certain subcompact vehicles. Examples of subcompact models that are ineligible include: Chevrolet Aveo, Chevrolet Spark, Daewoo Lanos, Ford Fiesta, Honda Fit, Hyundai Accent, Kia Rio, Mazda 2, MINI Cooper, Nissan Versa, Pontiac G3, Toyota Prius C, Toyota Yaris, and Scion xD.

New Driver Welcome Kit

Once approved all new drivers will receive a welcome kit, which includes two official holoholo emblems and a guide to help you get started on the road ahead.

Here’s an example of the holoholo display emblem:

holoholo emblem

holoholo drivers are required to display the holoholo emblem on both their front and rear bumpers while online. The emblem is the best way to help passengers as well as law enforcement identify your car.

If you have not received a holoholo emblem or need a replacement, contact us for a new emblem. You may also print a temporary emblem for your windshield. The temporary emblem must be printed in color.

And remember, only drivers who are approved and remain in good standing are authorized to use the holoholo emblem. If your account has been deactivated or you have not yet been approved as a driver yet, you are not authorized to use the holoholo emblem.

It’s normal to have questions as a new driver, so we’ve provided a handful of helpful driver resources.

Giving Rides
Once you’re in the holoholo Driver App, follow these steps:

  1. When you are ready to get requests, toggle the switch in the right hand corner from “Offline” to “On Duty.” You will be immediately entered into the driver pool and rides will be assigned based on drivers closest to the pick up location. 
  2. If no rides are currently available, the app will instruct you to go to the staging area at the airport, or to look for other rides in other sectors.
  3. If a rider is in your area, a button will appear. Push “Accept!”
  4. On the next page, you can choose which map to use (Google or Waze). You will also see pickup and drop information and pricing information. After selecting the map, push “Start Trip” then “Yes” to confirm.
  5. Follow the map to the guest’s pickup location and tap “Arrived at Pickup” button, and “Yes” to confirm.
  6. When you locate your guest, push “On-board,” or If your guest cannot be located after 3 minutes, push “No Show.” If your guest is on board, follow the mapping directions to their drop-off location.
  7. Once your guest has been dropped off at their location, push “Arrived at Dropoff” and “Yes” to confirm.
  8. The last page will let you know how much you have earned and give you the ability to send another receipt to the guest if they would like.

Cancellations, No Shows, and Time Limits

Drivers have 60 seconds to accept a rider in the holoholo App. If you do not accept a rider in that time frame, the rider will be offered to another driver.

After the timer counts down, and you cannot locate or contact the rider at the pickup location, you may tap “No-show.” You may also choose whether or not to charge the passenger with a no-show fee.

For passenger cancellations, Drivers receive a cancellation fee if the passenger’s cancellation window has already passed, the driver is already making progress to the pickup location, and the driver is on track to arrive by the estimated arrival time. Driver’s may cancel a ride when there is a personal or family emergency, a passenger has physically or verbally threatened the driver, or you cannot locate or contact the passenger.

Best practices for Drivers

  • Display the holoholo emblems
  • Always carry your driver’s license and insurance documentation
  • Never accept street hails
  • Never accept cash directly from passengers
  • Do not wait in taxi lines
  • Follow all airport rules

Insurance and Accidents

Accidents happen to the best of us, and the most important thing to remember is to stay calm.

Contact our Claims Team to report an accident. Our support team is available 24/7 to work with you and can guide you through the next steps.

Accidents include:

  • Vehicle collision
  • Hitting an object (curbs, walls, trees, etc.)
  • Damaging third-party property

You will need to provide clear, well-let photos of all four sides of your vehicle regardless of where the accident on your vehicle occurred or even if there is no visible damage. We will need to see photos of your entire vehicle before we can determine if it remains safe to operate.

Download the Accident Report Form and keep a copy in your glove box.


holoholo drivers are required to carry personal auto insurance to serve as their primary coverage.  Your personal insurance also needs to meet the minimum state requirements in Hawaii.

Personal coverage typically needs to be renewed every 6 to 12 months.  To make sure you stay eligible to drive for us, we will reach out to you 15 days before your policy is set to expire.

We highly recommend that your Personal Automobile policy be amended to include coverage as a Transportation Network Company (TNC). Here are two options:

  • Procure a Personal TNC Automobile policy
  • Endorse your current personal automobile policy with a “TNC endorsement”

We highly recommend that you carry Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) at the same limit you carry for your Automobile Liability coverage.

About holoholo Insurance Coverage

holoholo’s liability coverage includes a primary $1M liability limit and acts as a secondary policy to your primary insurance.  Our secondary policy will be applied only if your primary policy coverage is exhausted.  Additionally, holoholo’s insurance does not cover taxis, limousines, or trucks.

If you’re in an accident:

Call 911

Like any accident you should contact 911 first for any collusion, damage, or emergency situation. Drivers must call 911 themselves, and holoholo can offer additional assistance through Driver Support.

Report all accidents

Next report the accident to holoholo through our Claims Team. Our team is available 24/7 to work with you and can guide you through the next steps.

Driver Safety

All holoholo drivers must read our best practices for safety memorandum to be successfully certified before their app is activated. 

Operating Safety Guidelines

  1. Always follow all federal, state, county, and local laws, ordinances, and regulations. 
  2. Do not drive if you are not feeling well or fatigued, under the influence of a narcotic or alcohol. 
  3. Follow all posted speed signs. Do not exceed any speed limit on the route to be traveled even if your rider asks you to hurry or speed up. 
  4. Make sure you safely pull up to the pick up location to welcome your rider on board and verify that any rider cargo is securely stored prior to beginning the trip. 
  5. Drivers who are required to wear corrective lenses or hearing aids to meet the minimum physical requirements must have them on while driving and have a spare power source available for hearing aids. 
  6. Exercise extreme caution when hazardous conditions impact visibility or traction and if determined unsafe you should stop the vehicle if conditions become too hazardous. 
  7. Turn signals should be on for at least 100 feet in advance of a turn or lane change and while actually making such movements. Turn signals should always be used to indicate the direction of travel while leaving a parking position and while entering a stream of traffic. 
  8. Wearing of seat belts is mandatory for holoholo drivers and is highly recommended for riders. 
  9. While on a steep incline or similar situation while driving a slow moving vehicle you may turn on your vehicle hazard warning signal flashers to warn other drivers of the presence of a potential traffic hazard. 
  10. Your vehicle may be left unattended once the parking brake has been securely set. You should never leave your vehicle standing or parked on the traveled portion of a highway, if it can be avoided. If a vehicle must be stopped on the highway or shoulder for an emergency, you should immediately activate the hazard warning flashers devices within ten minutes of stopping.
  11. Drivers must notify holoholo if their license and or insurance is revoked, suspended or withdrawn. 
  12. No unauthorized riders are allowed.

We promote a safe operating environment which means as a holoholo driver you should always inspect your automobile prior to activating your app for accepting rides. The inspection covers at a minimum the following parts and accessories. Check your brakes, including your parking (hand) brake, steering mechanism, lighting devices, tires, horn, windshield wipers, rear vision mirrors, wheels and rims.

Report a safety incident, accident, or criminal activity

Please, contact 911 first for all emergency situations. Safety is our top concern both for our drivers and riders alike, so holoholo is always here to help. Contact our support team for additional help and to guide you through this process.

If you witness what you believe to be a dangerous or emergency situation, be prepared to note names, descriptions, and locations.

For emergencies that occur during your ride, both riders and drivers are asked to dial 911. You can also contact Driver Support for additional assistance.

Like all emergencies, please, contact 911 first.

For accidents and damages you will need to provide clear, well-let photos of all four sides of your vehicle to our Claims Team. Our team is available to help guide you through the next steps.

If you received a vehicle citation while driving for holoholo, please, contact us with citation details. You will need to include a picture of the front and back of the citation.

For non-emergencies, which may include potentially suspicious activities that you may observe while on the road, please call or visit the Crime Stoppers website. This is a fantastic place to report and leave an anonymous tip.

It’s always the safest practice to share where you are going with a trusted contact.

Get that extra peace of mind by turning on location sharing in the ‘Safety tools’ section in your Settings tab. You can control who gets your location information, when it is shared, and turn it on or off at any time.

To Turn “Location Sharing” On

  1. From the app, go to “Settings”
  2. Select “Location Sharing”
  3. Select “ON”

Choose People to Share Your Location With

  1. From the app, go to “Settings” > “Location Sharing”
  2. Choose “SELECT CONTACTS,” and the app will the pull from your contact list
  3. Search for contacts you would like to share your location with, and add up to five contacts

Who you share your location with is up to you. And you can change or edit your contacts at any time.

Turn your Location Sharing on or off at any time During a Trip

  1. Tap the location share icon
  2. If you see a blue check, your location is shared

What Contacts See

When you share your location, contacts will see an approximate location and how long you have been driving. To protect our rider’s privacy, trusted contacts cannot see any drop-off or pick-up locations. Your contacts will be sent a link to a map with your vehicle whereabouts as well as your name and information about your vehicle. 

Accidents happen, but holoholo is always by your side. You can report any messes or damage caused by passengers (beyond normal wear and tear). For accidents or if passengers have threatened your personal safety, please contact 911 and our support team.

To report damage, please:

  • Report the damage before beginning your the next ride (or within two hours of incident)
  • Provide, at least, three clear photos of the damage within three business days of the trip
  • Provide any available information about the passenger (name, pick-up & drop-off locations, and times)
  • Provide a detailed description of how the incident occurred
  • Provide a professional repair estimate/receipt within five business days of contacting support

Estimates/receipts should include the name, address, and phone number of the business, the date of the estimate, and the year, make, and model of the vehicle in question.

When a rider makes a mess in your car that requires a significant amount of cleaning/repair, we may be able to charge the rider and issue you back a cleaning fee. Please note that we will not charge passengers for any messes caused by water, or for items that can be thrown away or wiped away easily. 

To be eligible for a cleaning fee, please submit a photo of the mess along with the receipt for a cleaning service within three business days of when it was caused.

holoholo determines the damage or cleaning fees on a case-by-case basis. All fees are meant to clean the affected area(s) of the driver’s vehicle only.

Every driver using the holoholo platform is responsible for driving safely and adhering to established road rules. holoholo has a zero-tolerance policy regarding alcohol or drug use by drivers on our Driver app. If we receive reports of suspected impaired driving, the driver’s access to the Driver app will be suspended pending an investigation.

If the investigation provides sufficient evidence that a driver violated this policy, they will permanently lose access to holoholo’s Driver app.

Common Ride Issues

holoholo driver’s safety and comfort is just as important as our riders. You have the right to feel safe in your vehicle, and if a rider’s words or actions violate your personal safety or your ability to complete this trip, please let us know immediately.

If you feel uncomfortable for safety reasons, let us know. If you have concerns during the pickup process, please explain to the rider that you are uncomfortable with the trip, and ask the passenger to cancel the ride or you can cancel the ride yourself if they will not. If you have concerns during a trip, you may end the trip immediately and explain to the passenger as politely as possible why the trip was terminated.

We’ve all run late before, so when a passenger asks for you to wait, please let them know you’d be happy to and that their ride will not start until you’ve tapped “On board” in the app. 

Our cancellation fee requires you to wait for the timer to countdown to zero after you’ve arrived at the location. However, you are welcome to wait as long as you feel is necessary. It’s up to you. If the ride is marked as a no show the driver will receive the cancellation fee.

When the passenger is not at the pickup location, we recommend waiting one minute before giving them a call. If they do not answer your calls, and the timer has reached zero, and you’ve given them five (5) minutes, then you may mark them as a no-show and you will be compensated for your time.  Learn more about our Cancellation and No-Show Policy

The holoholo app is designed to automatically place your passenger’s pin at their current location. If they move the pin manually, they will receive a pop-up notification confirming if they are at the current location.  If a pin error happens, please, contact the passenger for their location.

However, some passengers actually will place their pin purposely away from their locations. Reasons for doing this may include getting a ride outside of a coverage zone or finding a driver who’s available. They will then ask to be picked up elsewhere once a Driver has selected them.

Inaccurate pin drops may throw off the system data and can put drivers at risk of a citation if you agree to a pickup outside of a coverage area.

If you feel a passenger is trying to take advantage of our system, you may ask the passenger to cancel, then re-request with the correct pin placement. If that doesn’t work, you can wait and mark them as a no-show. You may also ask them to move within a coverage area, and can mark them as a no-show if they refuse to cancel.

From time to time, the wrong rider may attempt to enter your vehicle. Mistakes like this are very common, particularly at high traffic areas. The important thing is that we make sure the requesting passenger does not get charged for someone else’s ride. If the wrong passenger tries to enter your car, you may politely ask the passenger to exit your vehicle and request his or her own ride.

Best practices include confirming your rider’s name before starting a trip. This makes it easier to pick up the right passenger.

If you do complete a trip with the wrong passenger in your vehicle, please, let us know immediately.

If the app is behaving slowly, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Keep your smartphone fully charged
  • Close any unnecessary apps, other opened apps will continue to run in the background and may significantly slow down your phone
  • Turn off WiFi in Phone settings – WiFi may cause the app to slow down or not function as it is designed.

If your app is frozen, please, try:

  • Toggling airplane mode on and off
  • Force quitting the app and reopening it
  • Turning your phone off and on again with a hard restart
  • Uninstalling then reinstall the app
  • Do not connect to airport wi-fi (it will slow the app down)

Time Limits and Breaks

We want holoholo drivers to be as well rested as possible, and with this in mind we encourage drivers to exit driver mode and take some time whenever you feel you need a break.

To keep our community safe, we also require holoholo drivers to take a full, uninterrupted 6-hour break for every 12 hours in driver mode (these do not have to be consecutive hours). Once you hit 12 hours in driver mode, our system automatically prevents you from returning until you have taken a mandatory 6-hour break.

To help you manage your time, the app will also send a notification before you reach your 12-hour limit.  

How you can keep passengers safe as a driver

holoholo is not just about ensuring both holoholo driver and passenger personal safety; we want to provide a safe and fun atmosphere for kamaʻāina and everyone visiting Hawaii. Riding with holoholo is about feeling safe and secure, while having a good time.

Even though passengers expect to get picked up exactly where they make a ride request, it’s not always the actual best pickup spot.  Sometimes a passenger asks to be picked up at a busy intersection where it may not be possible to sit and wait. If you need to wait, you should call and ask the rider how long they will be. You can then choose to either circle the block or wait somewhere nearby until they confirm they are ready to be picked up. There are no wait time charges, so the ride does not start until the passenger is in the vehicle. 

The best way to make riders feel safe is to make them feel comfortable.  This includes not just a clean, comfy ride but how holoholo drivers interact with them as well.

Here are a few tips for talking to passengers:

  • Do not ask for contact information (including to be Facebook friends). If a passenger is interested in staying in touch, they will ask for yours.
  • Keep it professional, but fun. Riders are expecting the aloha spirit, but we want to be friendly without being too friendly. Always follow the passengers’ lead in terms of conversation.
  • Please, do not take personal calls while driving passengers.
  • Refrain from talking about any sensitive or highly emotional subjects including politics, religion, or sexual orientation.
  • Passengers may be looking for a peaceful ride. Try not to force conversations with quiet riders.
  • Of course, discrimination of any kind will not be allowed or tolerated at holoholo.

Please, only pick up passengers through the holoholo app.  This is for safety and legal reasons. If someone should ask for a ride without using holoholo, suggest they download the app and request the closest available driver (which should be you).

You may only pick up as many passengers as there are seat belts in your car. Larger groups can be split into two cars. 

Children who are 17 years or younger are not allowed to travel alone. They must be accompanied by an adult. If you think a ride has been requested for an unaccompanied minor, please, contact our support staff for assistance.

Finally, drive safely and follow all traffic rules in Hawaii. Negative passenger feedback can reflect unsafe driving and unforeseen safety concerns. We review and follow up with all negative reviews, and too many negative reviews can result in Driver accounts being deactivated. 

Safety information for drivers

As drivers for holoholo, you are expected to follow all the rules of the road as well all holoholo safety guidelines. This helps us provide riders with the safest, most reliable transportation in Hawaii.

Take appropriate steps for emergencies and traffic citations. For accidents and if passengers are in an emergency situation, please, contact 911 before connecting with our support team for additional help. Our team is not a substitute for emergency services.

We will also make sure that your driver rating isn’t affected due to unforeseen emergency situations. We will then assess the full situation and take appropriate action.

When a passenger causes damage to your vehicle, please, report it to us immediately along with photos of the damage. The passenger can be charged with a fee depending on the cost of repair and extent of the damage. 

holoholo’s insurance coverage is applied to your personal auto insurance when matched with a passenger. Our coverage may be excess if you have a TNC endorsed or commercial policy.

You cannot drive for holoholo with a vehicle that has been recalled. To ensure your vehicle is safe to drive,  check your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) database.

  • Follow all traffic laws – This goes without saying, but a good rule of thumb is to drive like you are driving your own child.
  • Use a phone mount – We recommend phone mounts while in driver mode.
  • Always Display your holoholo emblem – This is the best way to identify yourself to passengers that you’re driving with holoholo.
  • Cash tips are allowed – Passengers are encouraged to use the app to give tips, but cash tips are acceptable. However, do not ask for cash tips.
  • Only use your driver profile – You should match your profile photo to help passengers identify you. If you change your look (change facial hair or hair style), send us an updated driver photo.
  • Use only your approved vehicle – If you’re switching vehicles, it must be updated in our system before giving rides.
  • Don’t bring along friends or family – Our passengers expect drivers who have been fully vetted with background checks. Please, refrain from having guests who have not been approved by holoholo along for the ride.
  • Holoholo recommends drivers use dashboard cams when driving with holoholo. Common features should include night vision, front and inside facing lenses, and memory card slots. Your insurance company may also provide better rates when dashboard cameras are installed in your holoholo vehicle.

Coronavirus Safety Information

Coronavirus (COVID-19) remains a concern for the health and safety of holoholo drivers and passengers alike. With COVID-19 or any evolving health crisis, holoholo works closely with public health authorities to provide up to date guidelines and guidance on how to better protect yourself and others while sharing a ride.

Stay at home if you feel ill – If you’re experiencing COVID-19 including respiratory symptoms and high fevers, please, stay at home. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist or get worse.

Wash Hands Frequently – Remember to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. You can also use hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.

Cover your Cough or Sneeze – Please, use a tissue to cover your coughs and sneezes, and remember to throw away used tissues in the trash. You can also use the vampire cough, cover your mouth and nose with the inside of your elbow.

Wear Masks – All employees are wearing facemasks to help limit the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses, and all passengers on board are required to wear face coverings.

Clean & Disinfect Everything – Sanitize your vehicle daily (and wipe down between trips) with close attention paid to surfaces that are frequently touched by you and passengers. Common areas to clean include doors and handles, windows, seat belts, steering wheel, gearshift, signaling levers, light and air controls, arm rests, and seats.

Ventilate Vehicle – Be sure to ventilate vehicles before and during the cleaning process. Also, set the fan to fresh air only (re-circulated air is not allowed).

Remember if you ever feel uncomfortable picking up passengers due to safety concerns including COVID-19 concerns, you can choose to cancel or decline a trip.

How to Earn More as Drivers

Scheduled pickups are a great way for holoholo drivers to claim rides in advance. This lets  drivers estimate their earnings and approximate pickup and drop-off locations ahead of time.

Once you’ve claimed a scheduled ride, holoholo will send notifications when it’s time to be online and headed to the rider.

How to add scheduled rides 

  1.  Go to the available tab and set the days you will be available.
  2. Check the available tab to see if anything is available.
  3. Click in the ride you want and click accept.
  4. Confirmation page will come up
  5. Confirm

How to remove scheduled pickups

Once accepted, the driver has 5 minutes to release the ride.  If after 5 minutes, the driver is charged a percentage of the driving fee.

Removing a ride will not affect your acceptance rate, however, only accept rides that you feel you can commit to providing.

Pre-matching is a great way to optimize your driving experience in Hawaii, and is only available to select drivers in high standing on holoholo. Drivers will receive notification when there is another ride at your drop off location. You can accept the ride or not.

Report any lost items left in your vehicle. If a passenger loses something, they may try to contact you or holoholo to arrange a good time to retrieve it.

Riders can call through the app. With passenger approval, holoholo can also text you with their phone number, so a retrieval can be arranged.   

If a rider reports a lost item, the ride will be marked as “lost Item.” If you find the item later, please, report the item as found and follow the steps to return it.

If you find a lost item in your car, the river must report the lost item to Driver Support. Holoholo will contact the passenger and arrangements will be made.

We’ll need the following information:

  • Item description
  • Permission to give the passenger your phone number

For drivers who are hard-of-hearing, holoholo can send a notification to passengers letting them know to communicate through texts instead of phone calls if they need to reach out to you.

If a passenger is deaf or hard-of-hearing:

  • Try to get their attention by positioning yourself in front of them.
  • Establish non-verbal communication (gesturing or texts)

Picking up the wrong passenger is very common and happens when passengers and drivers mismatch. Sometimes riders may even try to claim they are the requesting passenger.

Avoid this by:

  • Asking their name. You can even ask “What’s your name?” instead of “Are you ____?”
  • If you’re still not sure, you can check to see their app to confirm that you are their driver.

If you do have the wrong passenger in your vehicle, kindly ask them to exit and request a ride of their own.

If you’ve already made the ride, contact our support team and include:

  • Requesting passenger’s name
  • Date & time of ride

We will ensure the original requesting passenger is not charged for the error.

How to Give Rides

Download the holoholo Driver app

You can download the holoholo Driver app from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play store.

Log into holoholo Driver

When you’re been approved and are ready to drive, logging into holoholo Driver is easy. Just enter in your email and user password to get started.

If you haven’t been approved yet you can start the application through the app or online.

Once you’re approved as a driver, open the Driver app and log in to get started:

  1. When you are ready to get requests, toggle the switch in the right hand corner from “Offline” to “On Duty.” You will be immediately entered into the driver pool and rides will be assigned based on drivers closest to the pick up location. 
  2. If no rides are currently available, the app will instruct you to go to the staging area at the airport, or to look for other rides in other sectors.
  3. If a rider is in your area, a button will appear. Push “Accept!”
  4. On the next page, you can choose which map to use (Google or Waze). You will also see pickup and drop information and pricing information. After selecting the map, push “Start Trip” then “Yes” to confirm.
  5. Follow the map to the guest’s pickup location and tap “Arrived at Pickup” button, and “Yes” to confirm.
  6. When you locate your guest, push “On-board,” or If your guest cannot be located after 3 minutes, push “No Show.” If your guest is on board, follow the mapping directions to their drop-off location.
  7. Once your guest has been dropped off at their location, push “Arrived at Dropoff” and “Yes” to confirm.
  8. The last page will let you know how much you have earned and give you the ability to send another receipt to the guest if they would like.

That’s it! The process will begin again, and the app will track your earnings and your ride history.

There are several types of rides available:

holoholo – Our standard serve for up to four passengers

XL – Larger vehicles that can fit up to six

Luxury – High-end sedans or SUVs that seat up to four passengers

Green – Hybrid or electric vehicles

Military – Any vehicle available whose driver has Military base access

Assist  –  Transfers to/from medical appointments in vehicles that can accommodate foldable mobility devices.

Here are some tips and important information to have when using the holoholo Driver app. Learn about time limits, cancellations, and more.

  • You have 60 seconds to accept a new ride in the app. The ride is offered to another driver if it is missed or not accepted.
  • If you are within eyesight of the passenger when you accept the ride, the in-app navigation will not start.  The app will navigate to the drop off location when you select pick up.
  • You can tap “No-show” if the timer has reached zero at the pickup location.  You are welcomed to wait however.
  • Always ask the rider’s name to verify they are the correct passengers.
  • Never type in an address while driving.
  • Listen to the passenger if they have a preferred route.

There is no penalty for ending the ride too soon. If you end a ride early by mistake it will not affect your earnings because of our fixed rate pricing system. You simply need to continue to the destination. The mapping program should continue to map you to the correct location. If a guest chooses to end the sooner, contact Driver Support to report the new drop location and we will take care of correcting the charge to the rider. 

Tips to Avoid Selecting Drop Off too Soon

Operator errors can occur. One common reason is that slow load times may take a moment for your app to confirm that you have selected “Pick up,” so only tap once. This will help you avoid accidentally canceling the trip.

If you’ve selected “Drop Off” by mistake, select cancel in order to stay in the ride. If you “Confirm” drop off, the ride will end.

Forgotten to End the Ride

The holoholo app will not let you accept additional rides and due to our fixed rate pricing model it will not change the amount charged to riders.

A great pickup starts with getting to the passenger. After you’ve accepted a ride request, select “Navigate,” and the app will display the pickup location address and location of the rider’s icon on the map. The holoholo app will automatically open up your selected navigation app to direct you to the rider.

Riders can see your car icon and ETA in the app, and will receive a text message when you select “Start Trip” on the driver app.  Please, let the passenger know if you’ve become stuck in traffic or have taken a wrong turn. Tap on the phone icon and choose “Call.” If they no longer want a ride, ask them to cancel. 

When you pick up a passenger, try to approach them from the same side of the road as the rider icon. It can be dangerous for passengers to the cross the street to meet you. If you’re unable to approach from the right side of the street, please, contact the rider to let them know the situation.

Remember to ask the rider exactly where they’re headed before you start driving. This is for your safety and to ensure you’re picking up the correct passenger. Also, do not type in the addresses while the car is moving.

Navigation Settings

Each time a trip is started, a driver can choose which map they would like to use Apple maps, Waze or Google

Passengers can change their drop-off location, and can update the destination in the app. 

Be sure to set expectations if a passenger gets out and asks you to wait. You should both agree on a reasonable wait time. If they expect to be longer 10 minutes or you can’t come to an agreement, you may end the ride and suggest they request a new holoholo ride. Keep in mind that earnings are calculated on mileage, so longer times will not result in higher pay.

If you stop a ride, make sure that you do not cancel the ride. To ensure you are paid, tap ‘Ready to go’ then “Drop off.”

We are not offering shared rides or multiple stops at this time.

No navigation app is perfect, especially with construction zones or when accidents occur. The majority of our passengers, however, will be very understanding with navigation issues.

We can correct a ride due to navigation issues.  Send us a message with:

  • Passenger’s name
  • Time and date
  • A brief description of what happened
  • Relevant screenshots of navigation issues

The app is set up to call passengers should the need arrive. Simply touch the phone icon and start the call. Keep in mind that passengers and drivers will see each other’s numbers.  You can also send a message through the holoholo app. You can type your own message or use a pre-selected option to begin a chat.

If you’re having issues calling passengers, make sure your phone is registered with your holoholo account and that the correct number is listed in the “Settings.” Remember to also turn caller ID on in your phone settings.

Our coverage zone is the area where our passengers can request rides. holoholo’s coverage areas include Oahu, Maui (including Lanai), Kauai, and the Big Island of Hawaii. You can only drive on the island that you’ve been approved to drive on. And, of course, you cannot offer rides between islands.


holoholo drivers are compensated for cancellations initiated by the rider after the driver has accepted the ride or when the passenger is a no-show.

Passenger no-shows

A no-show occurs when a passenger does not appear at the designated pickup location. The driver does receive a no-show fee if the pickup timer has reached zero and you have waited at the pickup location for five (5) minutes. Here’s what you should do if a passenger does not appear:

  • Wait for the timer to count down to reach zero without moving from the pickup location
  • Contact the passenger or respond if they are contacting you
  • Wait five (5) minutes at the pickup location
  • Cancel the ride by selecting “Passenger is no-show”

Read our Cancellation/No-Show Policy to learn more.

Driver Cancellations

There are times when you can cancel a ride as a driver. You can cancel when:

  • There is a personal or family emergency.
  • A passenger has physically or verbally threatened you
  • You cannot locate or contact the passenger (mark as no-show).

holoholo Ride Services

holoholo offers a variety of services throughout Hawaii. Becoming a driver for different services requires you meet the necessary personal and vehicle requirements.

Our holoholo Services


holoholo is our standard, economy ride.  holoholo vehicles offer space for up to four (4) riders. There are both private options and shared options available.

holoholo Vaxd

This service type is reserved for vaccinated drivers. Guests can request to ride in a vehicle driven by a vaccinated driver. Drivers interested in adding the service option can upload their vaccination card on the holoholo Driver App.


XL pairs riders with larger vehicles, like SUVs, that can fit up to six (6) passengers. XL rates are a bit higher than the standard option.


Luxury offers high-end sedan or SUV that seats four (4) passengers. Luxury vehicles feature leather or leather-like interiors (examples: BMW X3, GMC Yukon Denali, and Lexus ES).


As part of our green initiative, these options feature hybrid or electric vehicles to provide cleaner transportation options in Hawaii.


Military provides ride-hailing options to service members and families to military bases and Tripler Army Medical Center on Oahu. Vehicle drivers are service members, spouses, or retired veteran with military base access.


Assist offers transfers to and from medical appointments in vehicles that can accommodate foldable mobility devices. Drivers must be able to assist riders with storing their mobility devices (unless you are physically unable to assist) in the trunk area of the vehicle. 

Foldable mobility devices include: 

  • Canes, crutches, walkers, and other assistive devices
  • Wheelchairs
  • Foldable scooters
The holoholo Driver App & Signup Process

How to Get Started

The Driver App is easy to use and is your best resource for the road ahead. With a tap of your finger you can find nearby trips, get turn-by-turn directions, and track your earnings.

Download the holoholo app from the Playstore or the Apple store and sign in. Follow the script to complete your application and enter your documents. Use your camera for uploads. After reviewing your application, we’ll invite you to an in-person car inspection and training session. When your training is complete, we will activate your account and you can start earning money.

Get started today!

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