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holoholo is a Transportation Network Company (TNC) like Uber and Lyft with a few important differences:  We are local to Hawaii and we have deep roots in the ground transportation industry.  We have seen overwhelming support from the local people in Hawaii.  They really want to see us succeed and are showing it by choosing us.  We are not a large corporate entity and are not publicly traded.  Our management team has many years of experience in the ground transportation industry and bring a different emphasis to the TNC world – providing top notch service and support to both our guests and our drivers. 

As you begin, and although many of the features are the same, you’ll see some noticeable differences in our app and operation. We are a hybrid company offering our guests both pre-planned and on-demand services. The benefits of having a base of pre-planned rides allow our drivers to plan their day and choose the area they would like to serve.  Unlike our competitors, our drivers are given all the details of future runs including payout amount, pickup and drop off destinations, and time and distance of trip.

Here are the details of a few more items you should know about:

Driver Guide: Getting Started

Flip through our online guide to getting started. 

Stripe signup and Payouts: 

We partner with Stripe to provide our payouts and credit card processing.  To sign up for auto deposit, locate your bank account number and routing.  After obtaining your banking information, you’re ready to open your driver app note the 4 tabs at the bottom. Locate the “Earnings” tab – the third button from the left.  It will take you to a page labeled: “Introducing Auto Deposit”.  Tap on the green button and follow the prompts to enter your social security number and then follow the prompts to take a picture of the front and back of your Driver’s license.  The next page will ask for your banking information.  It takes very little time to do and won’t take long to process with Stripe.  When it has processed, we’ll run a test of $1.00 to make sure it goes to your account.

holoholo makes payouts every Monday for the previous Monday through Sunday.  Once we process a payout it takes 2-3 days for the funds to transfer to your account.  After you have signed up for Stripe, the earnings tab converts to an earnings tracker for each pay-week, past and present.  It will also let you know when your latest payout is on its way and when it was paid.  

Payouts amounts: 

holoholo pays 65% of the base fare and 65% of the mileage rate multiplied by the miles used when the initial fare was calculated during the reservation process.  The tips are 100% yours and the remaining fees the guest pays are pass throughs to other entities; airport, GET, and CC processor.  When a guest cancels late they are charged 50% of the fare.  If the guest cancels late and the driver had started their trip on the app, the driver receives all but $5.00 of the cancel fee if the fee is over $20.00, or all but $2.75 of the cancel fee if the fee is under $20.00.

Sign up with WhatsApp:

To sign up go to the App Store and search for WhatsApp.  After downloading enter your information to sign up. We use the group function in WhatsApp to let you know if preplanned rides are available or for general help.  Once you’ve signed up, let us know when you have signed up and we will add you to your corresponding island group.  The bulk of our work is pre-planned giving us an opportunity to plan our day and always give the drivers work they can count on.  We notify the group of upcoming trips, how busy it is, and of any trips we need to cover. It also gives us an opportunity to have group conversation – which comes with two inherent sides.  Remember that everyone is on the list, so not everyone is interested and people don’t want to get unnecessary texts.  On the other hand, ideas shared between drivers can be very valuable like knowing the best way to place your sticker to finding out which flight tracking program is the best.  Remember the group is a holoholo group please refrain from speaking about our competitors and what’s going on with them. 

Availability of preplanned trips:

Each day at three different times during the day, we will announce through your WhatsApp group whether there are any new preplanned
trips available as follows:

8AM – all trips for the current day are made available from the night before. From this time forward all trips that come in for the same
day will be made available at the time they come in.

12PM – all trips for the next day are made available

6PM – any other trips that have come in for the next day are made available.

After 6PM any new trips that come in for the next day are made available when they come in.

Using the holoholo Driver app:

The “On Duty” button: Located at the top right corner of your phone. Toggle to the right to turn on. This is the button that puts you on-line and available for on-demands. If the toggle is set to off, you will receive an error your location services are not enabled. When you are not on duty, please make sure the toggle is set to off; the system looks to give on-demand rides to the closet on-duty apps. If you are not really working and your app is on, the system will stop at your app thinking you might accept it which slows the process when a guest is looking for a nearby driver.

The “Available” tab: The first tab on the bottom left. The available rides to accept are here. To look at the details of the trip press on the trip and it will open. To accept select accept.

“My Trips” tab: The second tab from the left is where your upcoming accepted trips reside. They are in order from newest to oldest.

Refreshing the app: To see new trips or earnings details, pull the app down to refresh. Refresh can be done from the Available, My trips or Earnings tabs. It is important you refresh when available rides have been made available by your dispatcher.

Sounds for app: Sounds can be enabled so you will know a guest is wanting a ride with you right away.

Trip procedures:

  1. Start trip
    1. This is step is to let the guest know you are on the way to pick them up. This is great customer service for our guests who use the app. The app shows the guest your progress on a map and how far away.
  2. Arrived At Location
    1. You must be near the address in order for this step to work. Sometimes, moving just a few feet will allow it to be marked. This is an important step to mark the time you were on location. This is for your protection and proof if a guest says we were not there. When marked it documents the GPS location and time stamp.
  3. On Board
    1. Mark this when the guest is in the vehicle with you. This shows the dispatcher of your progress so they don’t worry.
  4. Complete Trip
    1. This is important to mark to let dispatch know you are done and ensures you are available to receive your next trip.

iOS Location services for holoholo Driver app:
It is important your location services are set up right to avoid error messages.

Go to settings >Privacy/ Locations services (ON) / holoholo Driver / Always

Here are some helpful screen shots:

App Help 1

App Help 2
Be sure to set it to Always

App Help 3

That’s it! You should be able to receive available trips now when you are on-duty!

You of course are free to work when you want. Our objective at holoholo is to provide safe, reliable and outstanding service. We encourage you to help us deliver on all rides our guests request so they can count on us. We provide unrivaled support for our drivers in the transportation network industry. We are here for you should you have any questions. Please don’t hesitate to ask.

Tracking flights for pickups at the airport:
Holoholo supplies all flight information so that you can personally track the flights at the airport to meet your guests at the time they arrive.  It is important to track all arriving flights especially because of the number of preplanned trips holoholo provides.  You don’t want to miss a guest or wait for a long time.  One of the highest rated apps for it’s accuracy is “Flight Tracker”.  You can download “Flight Tracker” at the App Store or Play store.  Our dispatch staff will also update flights if they see them –but as a good best practice, look up all flights yourself to be certain to see any new arrival time changes!
Farm-out rides for our sister companies:
Qualified holoholo drivers will have the opportunity to provide shared, Sedan and SUV services for SpeediShuttle, Arthur’s Limousine and Hawaii Executive Transportation.
Arthur’s Limousine and Hawaii Executive Transportation customers expect meet and greet service using luxury vehicles with a Chauffeur for their Sedan and SUV services.  Depending on your make, model and condition of your vehicle your inspector may have discussed this with you.  Supplying quality service to our sister company and performing the service is an important ingredient to both companies continued success.
If you would like more information about which vehicle types qualify for providing farm out services, please email
Driver Benefits:

Click here to view the benefits of driving for holoholo.

Welcome aboard!

We go! holoholo
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