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Holiday Travel Tips in Hawaii

Traveling around the holidays can be a stressful experience for anyone, even when you’re headed to Hawaii. Our holiday travel tips will help you plan your vacation to Hawaii like a pro. Always remember to be flexible and prepared, and you can make the most out of any holiday travel experience.

Get to the Airport Early
Like with anytime, it’s best to leave for the airport with plenty of time to spare. There is nothing more stressful than missing a holiday flight. Even if there aren’t long lines around holiday travel, it’s nice to have some time to get to the gate early and relax.

To get help you get to the airport on time, holoholo services Honolulu International Airport (HNL), Kahului Airport (OOG), Kapalua Airport (JHM), Kona International Airport (KOA), Hilo International Airport (ITO), Lihue Airport (LIH), and Lanai Airport (LNY).

Flying on the Holiday to Save
While flying on holidays can be frustrating for people, there’s also an opportunity to get deals on the best flights to Hawaii. You may have to rearrange how you celebrate Christmas or Thanksgiving, but by flying on the holiday there will be more seats available and at a lower cost. If flying on the day is simply not for you, the best time to travel is to avoid peak days: Sunday, Monday, or Friday.

Fly Direct
While this is not always possible when flying to Hawaii, it’s best to avoid connecting flights when possible. When you fly directly, you can avoid any delays. That last thing you want is to be delayed or miss connecting flights around the holiday season.

Check Cancellation Policies
Life can be unpredictable, especially around the holidays, so it’s a good ideal to check all cancellation policies for flights, hotels, and car rentals. A particular problem with cancellations can be when you book through third-party websites. It’s usually much easier to make these changes when you book directly through the airlines or hotels. With car rentals, you can avoid cancellation fees entirely by using rideshare apps instead like holoholo.

Rideshare, Rental Cars, Taxi, or Shuttles

You don’t want to leave how you’re going to get around Hawaii for the last minute. Rental cars are the more expensive option and can be harder to find. You also don’t want to forget about the cost of gas when renting a car in Hawaii. Rideshares, taxis, and shuttles can have longer wait times though, but the convenience and cost can make it worth it. The benefits of rideshare services like holoholo are direct rides to anywhere in Hawaii and are easy to book in the app or online. You can also schedule a ride with holoholo in advance.

Take Advantage of Holiday Travel Deals

Holoholo is offering a holiday travel deal when you book online. When you request a ride, save $20 on your ride using the promo code HOLIDAYS22.

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