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Introducing holoholo Vaxd

holoholo, the only Hawaiʻi-based and locally-owned rideshare company founded by SpeediShuttle CEO Cecil Morton, announces driver vaccination option as a new service choice for riders starting today. Holoholo is the first rideshare company to offer this service.

The new option is available when booking a ride in the holoholo App or holoholo website. “We want all riders to feel safe when riding with holoholo,” says CEO Cecil Morton. “Giving them the option to ride with a vaccinated driver helps provide our guests with peace of mind.” Drivers interested in adding the service option can upload their vaccination card on the holoholo Driver App.

Holoholo Products & Services

  • Economy
    • Vaxd (1-4 pax): Ride with vaccinated driver
    • Holoholo (1-4 pax): Affordable, everyday rides
    • Green (1-4 pax): Low-emission rides
  • Premium
    • Holoholo XL (1-5 pax): Larger vehicles can seat up to 5 passengers
    • Luxury (1-4 pax): Premium rides with highly-rated drivers
  • More
    • Assist (1-4 pax): Special assistance from certified drivers
    • Military (1-4 pax): Base access made easy
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