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Reserve a Maui Airport Car Service Experience at Kahului Airport

Kahului Airport (OOG) sees a significant number of travelers. Our rideshare service on Maui is tailored to cater to the needs of each passenger flying into Kahului. We offer pre-scheduled rides, allowing travelers to book their airport transfers in advance. This feature not only guarantees a ride upon arrival but also eliminates the uncertainty of variable pricing, often associated with other rideshare services. With holoholo, passengers can enjoy an easy pickup or drop off at OGG. We provide rides across the island to hotel, tourist attractions, restaurants, private residences, and more. Reserve a holoholo for fast, convenient Maui airport transportation online or in the holoholo app today.

As you explore the stunning beauty of Maui, we encourage mindful travel, especially in light of the recent Lahaina wildfires. Our drivers are not only experts in navigation but also in the local culture and environment. They will guide you in experiencing Maui respectfully, ensuring that your presence is in harmony with the local community and the island’s delicate ecosystem.

holoholo Rideshare at Kahului Airport

holoholo offers a luxury Maui airport car service experience featuring premium sedans, SUVs, and specialty vehicles that can be booked up to one year in advance or when you land.  We also offer an alternative to a Maui airport shuttle or taxi service with our most affordable, economy rideshare.  Explore our Maui airport transportation options below and choose the option that fits your group size, budget, and lifestyle.


Affordable, everyday rides
holoholo economy


Low-emission rides for up to 3
holoholo Green

holoholo Vaxd

Vaccinated driver

holoholo Vaxd

Reserve in Advance

Schedule Maui airport transportation up to one year in advance or after you land. If waiting last minute, we suggest requesting your holoholo ride only when you are ready to go. Keep in mind that drivers are not allowed to wait or circle the terminal at Kahului Airport. If booking Maui airport transfers in advance you'll want to schedule a pick-up for 30 minutes after your arrival time at OGG to allow for luggage collection and security checkpoints.

Rideshare Pickup Location at Kahului Airport

After getting off your flight, follow signs to “Ground Transportation.” Rideshare pickup at Kahului Airport is located just outside baggage claim to your right by the Commuter Terminal.  Exit to the curb by carousel one and walk towards the taxi pick-up area.  There will be a rideshare sign hanging from the ceiling.


Yes. We recommend requesting a ride when you’re ready to go and have all your baggage and belongings. Keep in mind that drivers are not allowed to wait at or circle Kahului Airport. If booking in advance you’ll want to schedule your Maui airport transportation 30 minutes after your arrival time to allow for luggage collection and checkpoints. 

We have fixed, upfront pricing, and we never implement surge or waiting time pricing no matter where or when you travel in Hawaii. The cost for a holoholo varies based on distance traveled and service selected.  To get an estimate before you ride, click here.

Yes. You can pre-arrange a ride to or from Kahului Airport up to a year in advance of your flight. We highly recommend scheduling your airport ride at least 7 days in advance to minimize your wait time at the airport.


We recommend you add 30 minutes to your flight arrival for airport pick-ups. This should allow you time to collect your luggage, go through customs, TSA, or other checkpoints such as COVID-19 health screenings.

As a rule, our dispatching team does track flight status and can adjust or update pick-up times based upon the flight arrival. 


Arrange your departure pickup time to be 2 1/2 hours prior to your flight departure time. This will provide sufficient time to get to the airport and through security.

After getting off your flight, follow signs to “Ground Transportation.” Rideshare pickup at Kahului Airport is located just outside baggage claim to your right by the Commuter Terminal.

When a driver has accepted your ride request, you can see the driver’s name, profile photo, driver rating, and estimated time of arrival. We will send a text message when your driver arrives. Are you ready to ride with holoholo? Locally owned, locally driven!

You can contact the driver by tapping the phone icon or text icon in the holoholo app. This is the best way to share special instructions or find each other at the pick up location.

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