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Responsible Travel

Travel Responsibly

Not to stop anyone from enjoying their vacation throughout Hawaii, responsible travel is something we should all consider. Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and holoholo wants to help keep it that way.  Responsible travel becomes particularly more important for places like Hawaii, where resources can be more limited.

What is Responsible Travel?

Responsible Travel simply means taking care of our natural resources and appreciating local cultures. As much as we love tourism here, it’s important to keep in mind that tourism can contribute to waste. The idea should be to do everything to reduce your carbon footprint while on vacation, while embracing cultural heritage.  This type of attitude will help create a better experience for both visitors and locals alike.

If you want to start being a responsible traveler in Hawaii, a good place to begin would be staying at LEED-certified or green friendly hotels, turning down the AC when possible, reusing hotel towels, trying not to over pack, and eating at farm-to-table restaurants. Lastly it’s important to try to reduce the energy from getting from the airport to hotels. This includes taking public transportation, shuttle services like those at SpeediShuttle, or rideshare services like holoholo. While getting around the island, try to walk whenever possible but when you need a ride, keep in mind that holoholo is a local business and using our rideshare services are a great way to support the community.

Additionally we offer holoholo Green with a selection of hybrid and electric vehicles. Eco-friendly vehicles produce, on average, 25% less carbon emissions than the standard gas vehicles.  We also support a Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR) that emphasizes improving our communities.

The road ahead can be difficult, but responsible travel is within reach for everyone. Enjoy your vacation by supporting our community and conservation efforts.

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