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Your First Ride with holoholo

Your First Ride with holoholo

Once you’ve been approved, you can start driving right away. If you want to see what the holoholo Driver app will look like during a ride, here’s a breakdown of what it’s like:

Basic Pickups and Drop Offs

To start earning money with holoholo, toggle the switch in the right hand corner from “Offline” to “On Duty.” When you do, we’ll know you’re ready for passengers, but remember it may take time to get a ride.

Once you’ve been matched with a passenger, you’ll have a limited amount of time to “Accept” the ride. When you’ve accepted a passenger, push “Start Trip” to begin and follow the directions on the map to the passenger pickup spot. If you take a wrong turn, don’t sweat it, the app will correct it for you.

After you arrive, you have 3 minutes to locate your passenger. Once you find them, tap “On-board” in the app.

Next follow the directions in the app to the passenger’s drop-off location, and once you’ve arrived push “Arrived at Dropoff” in the app. And that’s at all it takes!

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